• Responsible Gaming

    When the fun stops

    For most people gaming is entertainment, and that's certainly the way we at Betsafe want it to be experienced. We want you to have fun when you're playing poker with your friends, trying your luck in the casino, or watching your favorite team, hoping that your ticket will be a winner.

    However, for some people gaming can turn into a problem with spending too much time and/or money. That's why Betsafe is working together with the Global Gaming Guidance Group (G4), an organization that aims to minimize the impact of problem gaming.

    On this page you'll find help and information about responsible gaming. Among other things you can test yourself to see if you're still in control of your gaming, and you can set limits on how much money you allow yourself to use or how many bets you can place on a daily basis. Studies show that gaming problems are reduced when customers decide up front how much they can spend. We strongly recommend that everyone sets their own limits.


    Betsafe offers the option of deactivating your account for a specified time period. The deactivation is effective immediately and is not reversable. Your account will be deactivated for the selected time period regardless of whether you change your mind during the time the account is deactivated. Click on the following link to deactivate your account.
    Please note that this self-exclusion will only block you from accessing your Betsafe account. To block your accounts on all gaming sites licensed in Latvia, you should contact the LLGSI.

    If you want to see your activity before deciding, you can always review the transactions you have made by going to 'My Account.'

    Minors in the family?

    Are you sharing your computer with minors and worried that they can access this site? Here's a helpful hint: You can maintain control of your computer by using 'parental control' software. Two of the leading providers are Net Nanny and CyberPatrol, both of which offer their software on a limited, free trial basis. A completely free option is ParentalControl Bar, recommended by CNET downloads. You can read their review here. Remember, all Triobet users must be at least 18 years old.

    Where to seek help

    If you, or any one you know, is having a problem with gaming, we recommend that you seek professional help. If you have any questions regarding responsible gaming, please contact our support team at baltic-support@betsafe.com.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please note that terms and conditions apply to our customers. You can find more information about terms and conditions here.