Tournament NameStarts InBuy InPlayers
Sat 10€ - 3 Tickets GTD16min€2.00 0
€1,000 GTD Turbo Bounty Hunter56min€10.00 1
€200 GTD Turbo56min€5.00 1
€1,000 GTD - Rebuy1h 26min€5.00 2
€25 Daily Freeroll1h 31min€0.00 0
€200 GTD Turbo Bounty Hunter1h 56min€10.00 0
€300 GTD Turbo Bounty Hunter1h 56min€10.00 1
What are Poker Tournaments?
A poker tournament is a fixed format, structured event where every aspect of the game has been predetermined. This includes the buy-in, the blind sizes, the stacks, and the time limit, and the different variations of these factors tend to determine the poker tournament types you’re playing in.

Play continues until only one person is left with chips, and the prize money is distributed in accordance with the predetermined structure.

Freezeout Poker Tournaments

Essentially, a freezeout tournament means that once all your chips have been depleted, you’re out of the tournament, with no option for a rebuy or re-entry.

Many tournaments now feature re-entry. During the early stage you may re-enter if you were eliminated.
When you re-enter, you will be placed on a new table at random.

Bounty Hunter
In bounty hunter poker tournaments, a portion of your buy-in becomes your bounty. If you knock another player out of the tournament you will receive the opposing players bounty and build the bounty on your own head.
The main draw of bounty hunter formats is that you can make money without having to win the tournament.
Bounty hunter tournaments can feature more action as players try to knock each other out.

As the name suggests, these poker tournaments types allow players to buy back into the game once all their chips have gone.
A rebuy is only permitted in the early stages and the time where you are allowed a rebuy will be shown in the tournament information screen.
At the end of the rebuy period you will be allowed to purchase an add-on of more chips if desired.

In a turbo tournament, the blind sizes increase much faster than in traditional poker tournament types. For example, in a normal game, the blinds will increase every ten minutes or so, but in a turbo tournament, the blinds will increase every five minutes.
These types of poker tournaments require a unique tactical approach, with a focus on aggressive play to avoid losing all your chips to the blinds.

Winning a satellite earns you a seat at a larger tournament for a fraction of the price, lowering the risk factor.
You can often play a generic satellite and choose which main event to play with your ticket.

This one is rather self-explanatory as far as poker tournament types go – a freeroll event is free to play.
Freeroll games are a great opportunity to learn the nuances of poker without a large money stake.